Brake And Clutch Lever Blades, Alloy, BSA A65, B25, B50, Commando, Triumph, 60-2628, 06-2553, 06-2250


A pair of quality alloy brake and clutch lever blades for use across a range of classic British Bikes but very commonly used on BSA and Triumph machines.
As used with Lucas handlebar console switch clusters.
As fitted to BSA, Triumph and Norton models including :
BSA A65, B25, B50
Norton Commando front drum brake models 
Triumph 500's, 650's, Trident, TR25 (1971 on)

OEM: 60-2628, 06-2553, 06-2250

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Brake And Clutch Lever Blades, Alloy, 60-2628, 06-2553, 06-2250

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