Hughie Hancox - Triumph Unit Rebuild DVD

An invaluable pair of DVDs ideal for anyone wishing to work on their unit Triumph. These are original, copyrighted DVDs, prepared by Hughie Hancox.
They are designed to help the home enthusiast dismantle and rebuild their unit construction 650cc four speed Triumph engine and gearbox. The DVD has conveniently been divided into chapters detailing the various stages of the work involved.
In this production, Hughie will pass on to you some of the knowledge and techniques that he has acquired during the last 50 or so years prior to his sad death.
This invaluable video follows Hughie through the total strip and rebuild of a 1970 Triumph TR6 unit construction engine, transmission and gearbox. It offers an insight as to what to expect once the covers come off and is presented in a step by step fashion to help give anyone the confidence to attempt the job themselves. Although Hughie is shown working on a 1970 TR6 engine, the information and principles contained in the film can be applied to most Triumph 650cc unit construction engines made between 1963 and 1970.

On Hughie's s first day in the Service Repair Dept in 1953 he was told by his manager that "there are three ways to do the job; the right way, the wrong way, and the Triumph way"...

This video is not intended to replace the traditional workshop manual. Rather, it supplements the manual by demonstrating the methods and techniques that cannot be effectively conveyed with the printed word or with still photographs. An appropriate workshop manual is still recommended to provide the technical information and specifications relating to your particular model.

You will need additional information - tappet clearances, torque settings etc for your particular model from the relevant workshop manual.

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