Exhaust Pipes, BSA A50, A65 Lightning Clubman, Siamese, 68-2736, 68-2735


A pair of fully chromed exhaust pipes suitable for BSA A50 an A65 Lightning Clubman models from 1963.  These are low level siamese pipes that run down the right hand side of the bike.
Please note that the clip is not included, but is also available in the store.
A lovely quality product, made, chromed and finished in England.
Inlet Size: 1 1/2in
Pipe: 1 1/2in
Outlet Size: 1 1/2in

OEM: 68-2736, 68-2735

Availability: In stock

Exhaust Pipes, BSA A50, BSA A65 Lightning Clubman, Siamese, OEM: 68-2736, 68-2735

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